Open & Closed Cell Foam

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We’re experts in high-performance foams and their diverse applications across a whole range of industries. Typically, foams fall into two categories: open cell or closed cell. These are two completely different materials, with different costs, purposes and performance levels.

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Open cell foams

Open cell foams are produced by forming bubbles within a liquid. Because the tiny foam cells aren’t completely closed, air fills the open spaces inside. This creates a softer, more sponge-like material which, because it uses less material, is cheaper than closed cell foams.

We can treat or impregnate open cell polyurethane foams with carbon, PVC or flame-retardant additives to enhance specific properties. They come in grey, white or black as standard, but can be custom made in beige, blue, yellow, green, violet and red.

Open Cell Foam

Open cell foam applications

Outdoor seating for Yachts & Boats
Cosmetic Applicators

Outdoor seating for Yachts & Boats

Cosmetic Applicators

  • Aquatic Filtration
  • Gutters and drains
  • Vacuum Cleaner Filters
  • Various Water & Air Filtration
  • Ceramic Filters
  • Ink Jet Cartridges
  • Air Filtration for the HVAC sector
  • Microphone Windshields
  • Cosmetic Applicators

Closed cell foams

Closed cell foams are made up of intact, impervious cells. This gives them greater resistance to air, water and liquid leaks, helping to prevent mould and bacterial growth. Once they’ve been cross linked, they’re also much stronger, denser and heavier than the open cell variety, with better insulating properties (we call these U values), suitable for vehicles, buildings and appliances.

We can add EVA or metalocene to closed cell foams to make them softer and more elastic, or use flame-retardant additives to meet demanding automotive, aerospace, electronic and building regulations.

Closed Cell Foam

Closed cell foam applications

Sport & Martial Arts mats
Camping Mats
Life jackets

Sport & Martial Arts mats

Camping Mats

Life jackets

  • Sound and heat insulation
  • Life jackets
  • Missile transportation
  • Display packaging (P.O.S)
  • Hockey protection
  • Laptop computer cases
  • Camping mats
  • Pipe insulation
  • Orthopaedic aids

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From the first call to the finished product, we’re with you every step of the way. We offer technical support and advice on the best product for your specific application and assembly process.

We can also provide bespoke product development, on-site support and samples, making the whole design, purchasing and implementation process streamlined and stress free.