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We are Zouch

Advanced, ambitious, agile and always on your side

At Zouch, we don’t just provide products. We develop partnerships. The kind built on real people, real trust and a real understanding of the challenges you face.

The outstanding products we develop – and the incredible materials we source – open up endless possibilities across all sorts of industries. From bonding, joining, sealing and protecting to controlling complex noise, vibration, motion and mechanical shock, they’re high-performance components designed to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

We’re specialists in converting adhesive and non-adhesive foams and tapes onto rolls and spools, or into precision die-cut parts that fit your needs exactly. At the heart of what we do is the design of powerful, effective tape attachment methods, enabling your designers and engineers to tap into a vast range of elastomeric and highly advanced technical materials.

But working with us is about much more than our products. It’s about discovering a team whose expertise and impartiality you can really trust – a flexible, agile team passionate about sharing knowledge, creating customised solutions and helping your business break brand new ground.

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Our mission

We’re dedicated to developing, producing, sourcing and delivering innovative, high-quality products and services that consistently meet your needs – and exceed your expectations.

Understanding your challenges is vital to our success, so we’re committed to working in close consultation with you, as well as with world-leading materials manufacturers, to form strong partnerships that help us all achieve incredible things.

Zouch news

What is PVC Foam and What is it Used For?

PVC foam is made up of PVC and Polyurea through an interpenetrating polymer network. Both substances are mixed, dispensed into a mold, sealed and heated. When it has expanded to its full density and cured, it is then ready to be cut for purchase.

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Sponge Rubber Types, Applications and Industries

Sponge rubber is a highly versatile material used in a wide range of applications across a multitude of industries. It’s used within a variety of demanding environments and can be made in several densities, is extremely flexible and customisable too.

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