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ZOUCH eFoam Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam Range

Our Zouch eFoam products consist of closed cell cross-linked polyethylene foam in continuous extruded rolls or block format (buns).

These closed cell Polyethylene foams are manufactured as either physically irradiation (IXPE) or chemically cross-linked (XLPE) and provide a growing number of diverse markets with a low-cost, lightweight, high performance material options.

The Zouch eFoam closed cell Polyethylene foam ranges includes, ethylene co-polymer, conductive and static dissipative foams as well as various flame retardant grade foams in varying combinations of density, colours and sizes to suit an array of applications across most markets. Application areas include sports and leisure padding for high contact sports such as boxing, automotive applications, protective packaging, construction and healthcare.

Special grades of closed cell Polyethylene foam are available with flame retardant properties essential to the aerospace, automotive and construction markets. Conductive and static dissipative properties are also available, particularly important for the transit packaging and electronics storage markets.

Our Zouch eFoam closed cell foam Polyethylene foam offers significant advantages over traditional rubber or sponge-based materials such as EPDM or Neoprene. They have a high strength-to-weight ratio, pleasing aesthetics and texture, low odour and are fast becoming the foam material choice for new applications.

In the retail industries many leading manufacturers are tuning their brands with increasingly elaborate packaging in order to appeal more to the end-user. ZOUCH efoams closed cell foam offers packaging protection with lightweight, rigid and flexible materials that provide unmatchable product protection.

ZOUCH eFoams closed cell Polyethylene foam are amongst the most diverse and highest quality foams available. They are also available in a wide range of colours. The unique manufacturing methods utilised ensure that we can offer colour consistency and depth that can be laminated easily to match your requirements. For a sample please do not hesitate to contact the sales team.

Closed Cell Foam Properties & Features:

  • Excellent impact absorbing properties
  • Durable Safe and non-toxic
  • UV resistant
  • Thermal insulation properties
  • Ranges vary from soft and flexible to hard and resilient
  • Lightweight
  • Non-corrosive
  • Energy absorbing
  • Moisture and Chemical Resistant
  • Low water absorption values
  • Low Cost
  • Broad Range of colours

The ZOUCH efoam range is most predominantly used in the high contact sport arena. The superior properties the range has on offer make it a natural choice for varied applications from swimming aids to gym mats. As well as offering a softer foam version, Zouch Converters can provide a higher density closed cell foam, for added impact resistance as well as a more rigid protection.

In order to achieve specific criteria to match a client’s needs, Zouch Converters can offer assistance in lamination or adhesion methods to help achieve the desired end result. ZOUCH closed cell efoams are typified by their superior cell structure. All ZOUCH foams can be routed cleanly to produce complex shapes and sizes. The foam can be split, sawn, scoured, water-jet cut, die cut, butt-welded and heat laminated together to form larger blocks.

We also offer custom Thermoforming and Compression Moulding. Zouch Converters will manufacture your custom design or assist in the design and development to meet your exact requirements. We are capable of forming high volume quality parts manufactured from a number of polymers. From the simplest single density design, complete to a multi density composite layer, with prefabricated inserts.

Fields of application:

Sun visors
Water shedders
Headlamp gaskets
Sound and heat insulation of door interior space
Sound and heat insulation below the ceiling panel
Floor covering as carpet underlay
Rear panel covering pad
Sound and heat insulation of rear deck
Sound and heat insulation of air funnels
Vibration pads
Various seals and gaskets
Anti-rattle pads
Material handling trays

Case inserts
Cushion packaging
Corner pads
Display packaging (P.O.S)
Presentation packaging

Sports & Leisure
Camping mats
Swim vests
Buoyancy aids
Swimming pool games
Swimming floats
Trampoline frame pads
Life jackets
Waterslide mats
Gymnasium mats
Martial arts mats
Canoe seats
Body/boogie boards
Backpack padding
Playground safety
Yoga mats and blocks
Interlocking mats
Wrestling/judo mats
Football shin pads
Sports shoe insoles
Helmet liners
Toys and games
Cricket gloves and pads
Hockey/ice hockey protection
Karting chest protectors
Motocross bar protection
Artificial turf backing
Knee and elbow protection pads

Life jackets
Boat fenders
Boat seat cushions
Wet suits

All sorts of pipe insulation
Insulation of heating systems and power systems
Copper and pipe insulation of internal and external A/C unit
HVAC duct work sealing tapes

Army camping mats
Helmet lining
Light load padding
Missile transportation
Weapons packaging
Munitions packaging

Footwear and bags
Laptop computer cases
Suitcase production
Leather and artificial leather lamination
Cellular phone cases
Skiing boots
Trekking, training and walking shoes
Production of soles, boot legs and flaps

Healthcare & Medical
Medical splinting
Orthopaedic aids
Medical cervical collars
Medical exercise mats
Moulded seat cushions
Foam wedges
Heel and ankle stabilizers
Thermoformed materials for brace and orthotic supports

Building & Construction
Pipe insulation construction
Floor underlay construction
Expansion joint fillers
Frost blankets
Concrete curing blankets
Eaves fillers for roofing applications Insulation
Cold bridging tapes

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