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Our ZOUCHprotekt series extruded profiles are manufactured from Polyethylene foam created to protect your products, covering market requirements in many applications and in different industrial sectors. They include the furniture industry and white goods. These products contain no CFC or HCFC blowing agents and are fully recyclable. Our simple, effective profile designs are developed to solve all your packaging problems.

The ZOUCHprotekt profiles have a regular and even structure of closed cells which are isolated and air-filled to maintain articles packaged, protected and in optimum condition, providing security and protection for a better presentation.

The ZOUCHprotekt range is highly resistant to blows, recovering its original shape after absorbing the impact. They are lightweight in nature, highly resistant and flexible, and easily adapted to each product for quick and easy handling. We can also design and develop the ideal profile as you require.

Available as stock in over twenty different profile sizes and standard in 2 meter lengths, our ZOUCHprotekt extruded profiles are an ideal solution for giving superb protection transporting new and expensive goods.


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Z2500 Series.
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