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Zouch Converters have a range of seals, gaskets and tapes that are heavily used within the heating, ventilation and air conditioning section. These high performing materials specifically designed for the insulation and sealing of ventilation and air conditioning ducts, meeting all the necessary requirements in terms of fire behaviour, structure and dimensions.

Duct sealing is the sealing of leaks in air ducts in order to reduce air leakage, optimise efficiency, and control entry of pollutants into the home or building. Air pressure combined with air duct leakage can lead to a loss of energy in an HVAC system and duct sealing solves issues of energy loss in the system.

Zouch Converters offer a comprehensive range of closed cell foams, ideal for round and flat-oval duct connections which are simple and easy to install, therefore producing an airtight seal. These materials can also be supplied as sheets or rolls, die-cut components or with a special surface lamination to enhance further the performance of the product.

Some typical acoustic applications:

  • Duct lining
  • Pipe insulation
  • Heating enclosures
  • Various HVAC duct work
  • Air conditioning enclosures

Our technical sales team is available to assist with product recommendations based on your application needs.

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