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Glass & Glazing

PVC Foam Tapes for the Glass & Glazing Companies

Zouch Converters offer double glazing companies and glass manufacturers a comprehensive range of high performance single sided and double sided PVC foam tapes for mounting, fixing, security and protection. These PVC foam tapes have been used successfully for many years in domestic, commercial and industrial construction.

PVC foam tapes are packaged in rolls for ease of handling and distribution, Zouch Glazing tapes and pads provide much better versatility, performance and design control than mastics, caulks or wet glues.

Our PVC foam product line for the Glass & Glazing industry sector offers a broad range of material types, densities, sizes and adhesive formulations to satisfy a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications.

PVC Foam Products & Applications include:

  • Glass Protection and Shipping Pads
  • Crosswound Bobbins conceived for Lenhardt or Lisec automatic glass processing
  • Security Glazing Tape to BS:7950 1997 & BBA Quality Standards
  • Georgian Bar & Muntin Bar Mounting Tapes
  • Mirror Mounting Tapes (including bathroom and moist room applications)
  • Structural Glazing Spacer Tapes
  • Structural Glazing Tape
  • Low Tack Glass Protection Tapes and Window Films
  • Fine Line Masking Tapes
  • Door & Window Frame Protection (see also ZOUCHprotekt Series)
  • Sealed Unit Tape – Waterproof Cloth Tapes or Aluminium Foil Tapes
  • Various range of Polybutyl Sealants
  • Secondary Glazing Tapes

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