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ZOUCHmount Series

These are high performance double sided foam tapes used for bonding, joining, fixing and mounting. These products are all pressure sensitive, easy and quick to apply, clean to use with no drying time and are economical and consistent.

These tapes are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and provide an attachment system that is a desirable alternative to mechanical fasteners and rivets, as well as liquid adhesives.

The ZOUCHmount series provide many advantages over both of these methods of attachment.

ZOUCHmount versus Liquid Adhesives

Liquid adhesives can be untidy, difficult to apply and take time to set. They can also generate a lot of wastage.

ZOUCHmount products by contrast:

  • Do not generate waste – you use exactly what is required
  • Fast to apply with no set up or clean up time required
  • Have a far superior shelf life
  • Do not require mixing prior to use
  • No waste cartridges or tins to dispose of

ZOUCHmount versus Mechanical Fasteners

Mechanical fasteners and rivets are often used to attach or bond two items together. However, ZOUCHmount products offer significant advantages and by contrast:

  • Have a neat, clean appearance
  • Are faster and easier to apply
  • Are more cost-effective and will reduce labour time
  • Are non-conductive and provide better thermal and acoustical insulation
  • Provide a seal in addition to attachment
  • When replacing spot welding, there is no distortion of the sheet metal or grinding of welding beads
  • Do not require special tools, equipment, or skills for application
  • Has vibration dampening and shock absorption properties

ZOUCHmount double sided bonding tapes are available in a range of formulations to meet the requirements of each application. Each formulation has slightly different characteristics which help determine which tape is best for you.

Properties to consider include: foam type, foam density, adhesive type and liner.

Common questions to guide your ZOUCHmount selection process are:

  • What substrate materials are to be bonded?
  • What temperatures will your application be subjected to?
  • What environmental factors need to be considered?
  • Is the application for indoor or outdoor use?
  • Will it be exposed to UV (ultraviolet) light?

Our technical sales team is available to assist with product recommendations based on your application needs.

Zouch Converters can supply all products in a range of formats including sheets, log rolls and slit rolls, die cut shapes or pads, spools, gaskets or washers to suit every application requirement.

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