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Electrical & Trunking

Zouch Converters high performance, pressure sensitive tapes are available with a broad range of properties for electrical and trunking applications from;

  • Tapes that are used in streetlights and headlamps to prevent water ingress where a high performance gasketing material is ordinarily used;
  • To traffic management systems, LED displays mobile phone and printer units where ZOUCH adhesive products are used for mounting and assembly to satisfy the vigorous demands of the intended application.

As well as adhesive tapes, ZOUCH foams are used within the electronics industry, meeting the challenging specifications of absorption and packaging applications; from high load bearing grades to anti-static, conductive and profiled absorbers. Be sure to rely on Zouch Converters for gasketing, insulation, bonding, traction, cushioning and thermal management.

Zouch Converters range of high performance materials and adhesive tapes allow us to supply products to your bespoke electrical and trunking application which, if needed, can also conform to British and European Classifications along with Underwriters Laboratories (UL), which is the trusted resource across the globe for product safety certification and compliance solutions.


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