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Building & Construction

Zouch Converters offers a full range of high performance adhesive foam tapes and sealants which are flexible, durable, versatile, strong and ideal for a number of applications within the construction industry. As a rule they have excellent water resistance and can also withstand varying degrees of UV and temperature exposure.

The comprehensive range of material options Zouch offer into this industry sector include specially impregnated foams which have excellent sound absorption and thermal insulation properties and unique partition wall tapes used for sealing internally between two different construction elements (for example; walls, ceilings and floors, pre-compressed joint sealing tapes, E.V.A foams ideal for expansion joints, structural glazing tapes for the façade section plus much more).

For a number of years now, Zouch Converters has been providing the building industry with reliable, quality products for almost every conceivable application in this field.

Some typical examples include:

  • Eaves fillers for the roofing sector
  • Insulation technology
  • Glass and window construction
  • Ceiling barriers and absorbers
  • Perimeter strips
  • Interior construction
  • Cold bridging tapes
  • Foam and tapes for the dry construction sector
  • Waterproofing
  • Passive fire protection
  • Panel insulation
  • Pipe lagging

Whatever you’re requirement; we have an unrivalled reputation for our ability to create unique and customised products that exactly meet the specification and size that you need. Many of which, are flexible, lightweight materials with excellent thermal insulation properties and high performance.


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