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ZOUCH key partner AFTC stands out from the crowd with a Fifth Generation Tape

ZOUCHmount EHB TapeThe automotive industry is always looking for new ways to improve and innovate design in order to surpass expectations. Foam and adhesive tape bear surprising significance in the construction and finish quality of many motors on the market today. A vehicle’s finish has long been a major selling point when it comes to buying a new car, making component quality and design prowess a load bearing detail that car manufacturer’s cannot afford to avoid.

From pressure sensitive adhesive tapes for bonding of inner and outer tread plates, body side mouldings, roof mouldings and many internal trim applications - Zouch Converters offer a wide range of high bond adhesive tapes that aim to fulfil this market need. Together with Zouch’s partner company AFTC, they aim to revolutionise the automotive industry with a new brand range of VHB tapes, which take the sector to a new level.

AFTC SilverTape has been optimally produced with the automotive in mind. As a high performance acrylic-based adhesive solution, these next generation tapes which are especially designed for bonding steel, aluminium, and specific kinds of plastics in modern vehicle manufacturing are capable of absorbing the differing thermal expansions of the two different materials. These superior tapes have a closed cell structure which make them wind and water resistant. As they are 100% acrylic based they will form an almost indestructible bond between the materials. These tapes bond immediately and offer a perfect resistance to the peel and shear loads that can affect a bond. They are very well suited to absorb dynamic loads as they are viscoelastic in nature and can act as a sealant as well as form a permanent tension free bond in addition to being suitable to join many different types of synthetic materials.

Once more, they are quicker and easier to apply; lighter in weight, more aesthetically pleasing and cost effective than the traditional ways of fastening which include using rivets, screws or welding.

With production facilities that have more than 15 years of experience alongside ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 certification, and the prestigious Volkswagen approval TL 52018 Part E the Fifth Generation is heads above its market opponents.

For more information on our tapes please give our sales team a call on 0115 9886295

22 March 2011

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