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ZOUCHefoam helps wheelchair users with innovative cushion support

ZOUCHefoam cushionThe prevalence of pressure ulcers among wheelchair users and bed-ridden patients continues to be an additional complication for patients, physicians and carers alike. From a medical point of view, pressure ulcers are considered a recurrent and difficult aspect of the management of people with complex physical disabilities. The development of ulcers has been known to significantly delay patient rehabilitation and increase the likelihood of developing secondary ailments, in extreme cases they have been known to cause death through septicaemia.

Dedicated to product development, Zouch Converters have recently seen their ZOUCHefoam IXPE 30 material evolve into a state-of-the-art cushion designed in conjunction with a medical grade silicone gel technology, used to ascertain superior postural management and pressure redistribution as well as providing cooling properties designed for greater comfort for the patient.

The product is specifically made for users considered at ‘high or very high risk’ of pressure ulcer development as well as for those with minor postural problems. Pre-contoured, using innovative compression moulding technology, ZOUCHefoam IXPE 30 sits below the silicone gel offering excellent postural stability. Lightweight and durable, the foam offers unique properties which ease the immeasurable pain of pressure ulcers and provide comfort and stability at the same time.

The pre-contoured cushion has been found to fulfil a unique healthcare need. Domestic user testimonials were unequivocally positive and as a result, the medical aid has been rolled out nationwide into the NHS.

For more information on the technical properties of ZOUCHefoam please contact the Zouch team!

14 February 2011

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